Tapioca starch or cassava starch, a product extracted from fresh roots is one of the major commercial starches in the global market. It is ranked as the second, after corn starch. The technology of starch production has been greatly improved from low quality starch produced by sedimentation process to high quality starch produced by fully automated and mechanized, de-watering centrifugal process.

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Starch content: 85% min
Ph: 5 – 7
Viscosity: 750bu min
Whiteness: 93% min
Fiber: 0.2% max
Ash content: 0.2% max
SO2: 30 ppm max
Residue on 100 Mesh: 0.1 % max
Smell: Characteristic Odor
Packing in 50 kg bags of (PP + PE) bags


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